Day 4

Day 4!  Workout today was The Challenge, a killer workout of push-ups and pull ups.  It’s definitely a love/hate relationship.  I hate pull ups, but its because I can’t do them.  It’s something I struggle with and always have.  Admittedly I do love Tony Horton’s workouts because they are the only ones that at least have gotten me to doing 1. I remember that day, it was glorious, alas I am starting again.



I was hoping for a bike ride this afternoon but my foot was killing me today.  And then, then the mail came!  After some googling along with blog and forum reading I’ve heard that sufferers from Morton’s neuroma have gotten relief using a toe cushion.


Tomorrow I have a run scheduled so I’m looking forward to giving it a go.  Fingers crossed for some relief.  Stay tuned!  On that note I am ready for a good book so I leave you with a beautiful evening photo of the eastern skies.





First Brick Workout

Oh man, so stoked about my first actual brick workout.  I should back up.  I haven’t been sleeping for shit as of late, major bummer there.  But, this morning I woke by 6:30 and the sun was blasting through the trees which was a major upper because the weather has been so dreary this week, major downer.  I mean, c’mon, it’s snowing in April.  That’s a stretch for southern Wisconsin, northern, okay, but that’s why I don’t live there. 😛

So, I had my coffee and admittedly a couple uber dark chocolate truffles while reading.  Everybody has their vices, dark chocolate and great beer are mine.
I kept thinking to myself that I should workout but I just wasn’t ambitious, pretty fatigued, actually.  But, my heart kept saying “enjoy the sun while it’s here”.  After about 3 hours of procrastination in the means of coffee, errands and chores (oodles of laundry to be done before the hubby departs on an extended leave) I decided a brick workout is a good idea.

I hit the stationary focusing on hills and rocking SoCal music (one of my faves).  After 30 minutes of going, “should I run or shouldn’t I” I thought, hell yes I’m going to run!!


Off I went, rocking out to my fave playlist (which is one of the reasons I run).  Just did a 3 miler and felt like a rockstar.  To some, that’s not impressive, however my f’ing mortons neuroma was killing me and it was freezing cold but the legs felt great and I needed to start training my muscles to make the transition from biking to running for my upcoming sprint Tri in June.  I also had my usual epiphany: Today was “it’s so freakin’ cold that I can’t feel parts jiggle so f’ it” which made me giggle as I saw some people stare when they passed by and some try to avoid staring at the runner.


The lake was beautiful, windy but beautiful.  The waterfowl were skimming the surface, I checked the shallows looking for spawing fish, no go.  I honestly can’t wait to get the kayak and my fishing pole out.  I’m such a whore for fishing, it’s not funny.  I love the feeling of the big hit and pulling in something that feels like a monster but when you get it to the boat or shore, it’s this tiny perch that felt like a beast that day 🙂

In any case, finished the workout with an amaze balls shake: chocolate caramel coffee.  Helloooo! Delish 😀


So, despite the struggles, fatigue, laziness, I got out there and enjoyed the day.  I have to admit, this blog is late.  I ended the day with 2 pints at Tyranena Brewing with the hubby before he leaves tomorrow.  We met a delightful couple from the Stoughton area.  Love meeting peeps and getting their opinion of beer and life at the pub.

For now I bid you adieu and hope that your Saturday was amazing.






Oh my Salad!


Never in a million years did I ever think I would start a blog, and here I am.  It goes to show you how time and experiences change people.  My blog gives me the opportunity to talk about things I love: fitness, FOOD, knitting, outdoors, reading, pets.  I honestly think had I never became a fitness coach, I would never have started a blog.  Coaching inspired me to try new things, create new foods, and dive deeper into hobbies that I currently have.  So, life is pretty sweet!

Speaking of coaching, I am wrapping up a fun Salad Challenge that I had running on FB and wanted to end with a bang.  I saved my fave salad for last, I had previously had cranberry chickpea salad and southwest salad.
Because I’m looking forward to warmer temperatures, running on the trails, fishing and sitting on the back deck listening to golfers holler, I whipped up a modified version of a salad I absolutely enjoy during the warm summer months.  It is a blend of pear, organic mixed greens, a light yet tangy vinaigrette, toasted nuts and I’ve taken it a step further to add a little extra zing to the dressing and some much needed protein.  FYI, when you’re seriously lifting weights, you have to be serious about getting some healthy protein or you’ll crash.  The original recipe came from a Cooking Light seasonal (you know, one of those $10 mini cookbooks you find seasonally in the magazine aisle as you kill time trying to find, oh wait, not really look for, your husband at the grocery store).  Anywho, the recipe totally inspired me, I love fruit and toasted nuts in salads, especially in the summer months.  Toasting nuts brings out the extra flavor of the nut, adds warmth and texture and gives you a dose of healthy fat and a bit of protein.

Just to point out, this was the first time this vegetarian baked tofu!  I KNOW!  I can’t believe it either, and now I can’t wait until tomorrow to bake the next batch for another salad.  It was delish.  I will definitely be experimenting with that some more 😉  As you’ve probably figured out, I like to prep meals and then cook them as I need them (unless they reheat well).  That being said, this is made for 1 person but I know you’re all smart cookies and can add as needed if you’d like to make this for the family.

Tofu-Pear-Walnut Salad.
1/3 pkg extra firm organic non-gmo tofu (pressed)
1 pear, thinly sliced
2 cups roughly chopped organic mixed greens
1-2 Tbl toasted walnuts

1 1/2 Tbl extra virgin olive oil
1 1/2 tsp champagne vinegar
1 Tbl minced shallot
~1/2 tsp Dijon or spicy brown mustard
Dash pepper
Dash sea salt
Optional! ~1/4 tsp nutritional yeast

I added the nutritional yeast for funzies and it was delightful.  If it’s not your thing, leave it out.  The dressing is very nice without it.

So, let’s get cookin’!  To prep the tofu, I’ve gotten into the habit of rinsing it with cold water, then pressing.  I sliced the 1/3 into half, lengthwise then placed it between paper towels and put a heavy dish on top for about 15 minutes while the oven preheated to 400F.


Mix up your dressing by adding all ingredients together and whisking.  Keep in mind that the shallots and seasoning will settle, so give it another whisk before you’re ready to add it to the greens.


When the oven is ready, slice your tofu into cubes and place on a baking sheet lined with parchment paper.  Pop it in the oven and set the timer for 20, be sure to toss the tofu about halfway through and one extra time if you’d like it to bake evenly.  When the timer goes off, check the tofu, if it’s golden brown and slightly poofy, it’s ready.

In the meantime, add your greens to a bowl and toss with about 1 Tbl vinaigrette.
Place your pear slices around the periphery of the plate (because it’s pretty and who doesn’t like to eat well-presented food).  Add your tossed greens to the center.

Toast those walnuts!  Place walnuts on a baking sheet lined with parchment paper and place in a toaster oven (if you don’t have one, pop them in with the tofu).  The walnuts will only take a few minutes, so keep an eye.  I toss them after about 90 seconds, when they are fragrant, pull them or they will burn and nobody wants burned nuts!  Add the nuts to the salad.

When the tofu is ready, add it to your salad and grab yourself a beverage.  I was enjoying this for lunch, so pineapple-coconut sparkling water paired well.  I imagine that a nice Pinot Grigio would also pair well (ahem, I’m just kidding, I know it pairs well).  Enjoy!  This is a lovely vegetarian salad packed with healthy protein and fat.


I hope you enjoy it as much as I did!  If you do any modifications, please share!


P.S. My loveable rottie, The Mollinator, is woofing in her sleep at my side… 🙂  there’s a cute, happy thought for ya.

Morton’s Neuroma…I think

Well, it’s been a long time since I’ve had what I have termed “crunchy toe”.  It’s that crunchy feeling when you walk or squat like your 4th metatarsal is broken or dislocated.  It wasn’t until last fall that things got worse and I finally broke down to see a Dr.  I might be a little stubborn 😉  I was midway through an 8 mile run when my left foot felt broken, much worse than crunchy toe.  So, off to the doc I went.  After a bri3f exam and xray i was told nothing is broken, rest and see how it goes…after a month of no progress off I went to an ortho doc.  She has decided I probably have Morton’s neuroma.  An unpleasant issue that typically affects the 3rd and 4th metatarsal.  Symptoms can include pain and tingling, check and check.  Doesn’t address the crunchiness but I’m wondering if that isn’t tendonitis that’s causing the neuroma.  A cortisone shot and metatarsal pad later, still have crunchy toe.  Grr, injuries can be frustrating especially when you’re not sure it’s diagnosed properly or you’re not getting better.  For now, before my next appt it’s icing, massaging and NSAIDS so that I can continue my health and fitness journey.


I am committed to progressing every day.  It’s something I talk a lot about during my health and fitness challenges. I take it seriously; I work on improving in all aspects of my life. Sure we all have setbacks and obstacles  but learning from them is key.  I guess I’m in need of learning to be more patient; that’s what crunchy toe is teaching me.

So, cheers to modified workouts, igiving it 100%, icing and healthy foods!

You Know You Have A Problem When

I haven’t been able to admit fully to my husband that I have a knitting/crochet problem, though he has been kind enough to tell me that it is a problem.  Luckily I know that he’s joking.  I know he is genuinely concerned when I’m frantically knitting at 4:30 in the morning on New Years day to finish a project but that’s just called completing a task on time 😉  The potential of a problem may also be apparent by my interior decorating.  I purchase cute bins that match the decor to store my various ongoing projects, it’s cute right?


Or perhaps I have a Healthy problem.  I have found a way to work projects while exercising!  I envy those who can knit and run.  That just spells disaster for me.


I’ve learned that I can’t seem to go without 4 projects lately.  I had finally finished the scarf, 2 blankets and bundle of tulle scrubbies/knit wash clothes for the holiday gifts.  Now I’m onto a baby blanket, rug, hat and another blanket.


I like to think it’s a good problem. I have learned how to create my own patterns (yes, they’re basic but you have to start somewhere), tackle new projects that require me learn new skills (thank goodness for google, YouTube and great friends who also have a problem) and I just can’t seem to just Sit and watch TV without something productive to do.  I can’t help but feel like I’m wasting time.  So, this afternoon after taking care of house chores, working out and checking in with my challengers I find myself starting the newest project, the rug.  So far so good!  It will be for my twin brother.  I love working projects for my brothers, I honestly feel they are my biggest fans.  One of my bros actually texted me at 12:30 am when he couldn’t sleep because he forgot his Green Bay Packer blanket at my house (mind you this is because all other blankets are consumed by the dog and his wife).  So, it’s motivating to know my hard work is appreciated and fuels my “problem”.  I only hope that others find a problem of their own.

Here’s to acknowledging and accepting that I have too many hobbies 😄


Hello world!

So, I’ve gone out on a limb and decided to begin a blog! :-O  I decided to start one for a few reasons.  First and foremost because it’s a little scary for me and I think it’s important to do something that scares you a little bit 😉  I also want to share my passion for health & fitness and my journey to living a cleaner, healthier life.  I am a beachbody coach and enjoy trying new workouts, training for fun races, creating recipes and working on personal development.  This blog will include a bit of all of those things and a little more because I have a lot of interests.  Don’t be surprised if you find a knitting pattern amidst or pics from an awesome motorcycle ride amidst a killer new Shakeology recipe I tried!  So, I hope you enjoy and thanks for reading!