Oopsy Doodle

What an absolutely gorgeous morning!! The Mollinator and I were up before 6 with coffeea, a book and a list of all the fun stuff I want to do today since it’s going to storm tomorrow. ¬†Finally settled on a brick workout then motorcycle ride, will take it from there ūüėČ

The brick was great until I took a wrong turn and cut my bike loop by 5 miles, whoops!  Note to self, check the damn map again before you head out.  I figured it was fate because I ended up on a road with a positive message.



The run was fabulous! ¬†A lot of fishermen & women out on the lake, which was calm and sparkling in the sunshine. Who wouldn’t want to be out there? Only completed a 5k run, so that went as planned.


All in all I finished in 1:00:19 and burned 573 calories. Now I get to enjoy a bit of sunshine, sip on my Chocolate Salted Caramel Shakeology and listen to the golfers who are obviously enjoying the glorious golfing day. ¬†They are having a blast!!ūüėĀ

Have a wonderful Saturday!  Get outside and do something fun!



Day 4

Day 4! ¬†Workout today was The Challenge, a killer workout of push-ups and pull ups. ¬†It’s definitely a love/hate relationship. ¬†I hate pull ups, but its because I can’t do them. ¬†It’s something I struggle with and always have. ¬†Admittedly I do love Tony Horton’s workouts because they are the only ones that at least have gotten me to doing 1. I remember that day, it was glorious, alas I am starting again.



I was hoping for a bike ride this afternoon but my foot was killing me today. ¬†And then, then the mail came! ¬†After some googling along with blog and forum reading I’ve heard that sufferers from Morton’s neuroma have gotten relief using a toe cushion.


Tomorrow I have a run scheduled so I’m looking forward to giving it a go. ¬†Fingers crossed for some relief. ¬†Stay tuned! ¬†On that note I am ready for a good book so I leave you with a beautiful evening photo of the eastern skies.