Finding Balance and Baked Oatmeal

Yesterday was fabulous!  I got some chores done (laundry, weeding and the continued battle with this spikey green plant from hell).  My hubby and I ran errands on the motorcycles, which just makes running errands all the more fun.  We had a lovely afternoon visiting my twin via skype, enjoyed an epic cheat meal and more family time with Skype and FaceTime all the while enjoying a few craft drinks.

This morning I woke up a bit groggy, thanks to a great Olympic beach volleyball match at 11pm and thanks to ChoChi for informing me with a head butt & chase around the bedroom at 2:30am and again at 5:00am that she was famished.  Nonetheless at 6:30 it was time to get my Sunday going.  I love Sundays, it’s my day to reassess and recharge.  I completed my personal development reading while sipping perhaps the  most amazing almond milk latte on the planet (I’m sure it had nothing to do with the fact that I was still tired) and then off to my office to get my Preparation Sunday going.  Here’s my rundown in a nutshell and it works: Assess the previous week, what went well/what didn’t & adjust for this week, plan my meals (in conjunction with my work schedule), schedule my workouts (with a back-up time), schedule my coach power hour, and create my Foundation To-Do list to add daily to my CCDM to-do.  It’s shear genius!  Since adopting this strategy I get more done and feel less stressed.  Not to mention I’m beginning to get “life balance” down.  Identifying what’s important to me and making that a priority while still enjoying other aspects of life.  I think one of the biggies here is health and fitness.  It’s something most people struggle with; how to enjoy life & social time and still stay healthy and fit.  Here is my two cents on that.

The first step is to Decide that being healthy is really what you want and it’s Your Priority.  Then tell yourself Why it’s important, this is uber critical, it’s what keeps you focused.

For example: the more I have been training and eating well, the more results I have seen (duh), when I eat like shit and drink too much, I don’t train for shit and don’t see results (duh again but sometimes it takes careful tracking to come to this very simple conclusion.  Something I work through with my challengers).  It’s important to me to workout and progress so eating better and not drinking as much as I used to is my priority.  I still enjoy cheat meals and social time with family and friends, I just try to keep things in check….balance 😀

As an ode to balance and my sweet tooth here is a healthy Peach Oatmeal Bake Recipe that tastes as good as dessert. It’s a modified version of a Cookie and Kate recipe so many many thanks to her blog and creativity.

Serves 1 (just double or triple for more)
1/3 cup rolled oats
pinch of baking powder
dash nutmeg
dash cinnamon
pinch of Himalayan salt
1 sliced peach
2 tsp melted virgin coconut oil
1/4 cup unsweetened vanilla almond milk
1 flax egg (1 Tbl chia/flax, 2 Tbl H20)
1/4 tsp pure maple syrup


Preheat oven to 375F.  Combine your dry ingredients.  Use extra coconut oil to grease a small baking dish.  Combine your milk, egg and syrup.  Place your sliced peach around the rim of the dish.  Stir the melted coconut oil into your oats and spoon the mix into the dish over the peach.  Pour your milk mixture over the oats and smoosh around to evenly coat/soak the oats.  Bake at 375F for 25 minutes.
Optional: sprinkle toasted pecans over the top.


Enjoy with an espresso on your deck with your furbaby 🙂


Have an amazing day!


Day 24

I can hardly believe I’m on Day 24 of my P90X3 challenge!  Time flies, it hasn’t been perfect but nothing is.  There are always slip ups.  I was reading an article the other day  from Stew Smith that basically said you need a solid 3 weeks to create a positive habit (something most of us know).  The real kicker was that he said any time you start a new challenge you will always go through a phase where you want to give up or you end up staring an obstacle head-on.  If you get through that phase you will succeed, if you give in, you will not.  It’s so true, I have seen it during my own health and fitness journey.  The crazy excitement about starting a new plan, one that will work and get me where I want to be, this time.  Then about 2 weeks in, after following my plan to the “T” something happens.  My schedule goes haywire, I come down with a cold, I get injured, we are traveling or family is in town, name something.  In the past I have lost to that obstacle.  And you know what?  It’s so easy once you miss one workout or have a cheat meal that turned into a cheat day to not let it be a big deal to miss another, then before you know it, you might as well start over…again.  Each time you start over though, you lose a little bit of that excitement, because doubt is lingering in the shadows.  “will I really follow through this time?”  So, how many times do you start over?  I have started many.  I have been on my health and fitness journey since high school.  And then I became a health and fitness coach.  It has kept me grounded, it has given me more knowledge to get through these obstacles and help others get through theirs which only provides motivation to keep going.  We all feed off of each other’s success and results.  😀

Honestly, during these past 3 weeks I have missed a workout here and there BUT I didn’t let it stop me from getting one in the next day.  NOTHING was going to keep me from missing 2 days in a row, even if that meant being up at 0400, scraping my ass off the couch after a long day and slogging through a workout, rescheduling other tasks or offering others to join me if they wanted to see me.  It got done.  You need to stay consistent to keep momentum going.  Those who succeed do so by being persistent.  Sometimes it takes getting creative to find that motivation to keep yourself going.  Today I would have given anything to just crawl into bed after work with a book and call it a damn day.  Insomnia is kicking my ass lately.  But working out is a two-fold treatment: it wears you out physically and it lowers stress levels.  So, alas, Day 24 is done.  It was not pretty, I’m not embarrassed to say I nearly fell on my ass doing Joel Jumps, but it doesn’t matter.  It got done.  You know what?  I’m ready for tomorrow.

The next time you meet that obstacle will you throw in the towel or will you use it to mop up the sweat pouring from your face?

Already improving!

Holy balls I just finished Day 11!  So very happy!

So I have to admit, I’m the worst mid afternoon person eva.  I think I could get into the whole siesta thing. For real, get up early, get a bunch of shit done then take a post lunch naparoo, then get up and rock out again.

It’s terrible but my brain and energy fall to the depths around 1-2ish.  It’s worse if I get dehydrated or hangry so I do my best to avoid that.  I always carry water and Shakeology with a blender bottle with me.  Speaking of which, that’s what got me through today.  Before I knew it 1:00 rolled around and my patience level was in the danger zone.  I’m generally a happy, positive person so when I get that way I’m usually overly tired or hungry.  No, I’m not a toddler, just in tune to my needs 😜. Thank goodness for my emergency Shakeology!  Blended it up while driving and nobody faced the wrath of Becky, yahoo!

I was Uber unmotivated by the time I got back to my office.  Cue a quick pick me up!  The Mollinator and I did burpees, she was super excited afterwards.


After work I stumbled down to the home gym and hammered out P90X3 The Challenge!  Super stoked, already improving!  Upped my reps on the push-ups by 2 💪


Pull ups are still my nemesis, so I’m using an assist band.  I have been really working on nutrition and focusing on getting good protein and carbs in working 30minutes post workout.  I shit you not, I’m seeing a difference.  I have also been better about a preworkout snack, usually fruit.  Also helping!  So my advice, eat good food and time it well!  Keep a journal and pay attention, it works!

Time to make more food, coconut curry almond soup tonight.  First time making it (not my recipe).  Have a good one!


Day 10

On Day 10, already.  It’s hard to believe.  I always seem to hit a mini slump after the first successful week, almost like my inner self is attempting to sabotage my momentum.  Like today, started out superb.  Had a heavy breakfast: chocolate vegan Shakeology with 1/2cup dark sweet cherries, handful of baby spinach and blended the mix with water, yummy!  Had a pint of water, a healthy lunch: veggie omelette with 1 slice whole grain toast, and then the mid afternoon gremlins kicked in.  I sort of gave into a leftover slice of key lime pie I made for my hubby’s birthday.  I’m not going to lie, it was delish, but say hello to a sugar crash 🙃.

At least I maintained focus to complete my Wednesday workout: P90X3 yoga followed by hills at max on the stationary.


I’m not a fan of doing cardio like that indoors in the summer but I’m also not a fan of migraines.  I’ve learned the hard way that if I work out in heat over 80°F I’m gonna get one and I’m worthless and in lots of pain for the unforeseeable future.  To make the stationary interesting I gave into one of my poisons…River Monsters!  45 minutes flew by I tell ya!

Finishing my day with post workout Highlander Grogg Chocolate Shakeology and knitting!  Working on a summer scarf, I’ll probably finish it about he time summer ends😉 tee-hee



Oopsy Doodle

What an absolutely gorgeous morning!! The Mollinator and I were up before 6 with coffeea, a book and a list of all the fun stuff I want to do today since it’s going to storm tomorrow.  Finally settled on a brick workout then motorcycle ride, will take it from there 😉

The brick was great until I took a wrong turn and cut my bike loop by 5 miles, whoops!  Note to self, check the damn map again before you head out.  I figured it was fate because I ended up on a road with a positive message.



The run was fabulous!  A lot of fishermen & women out on the lake, which was calm and sparkling in the sunshine. Who wouldn’t want to be out there? Only completed a 5k run, so that went as planned.


All in all I finished in 1:00:19 and burned 573 calories. Now I get to enjoy a bit of sunshine, sip on my Chocolate Salted Caramel Shakeology and listen to the golfers who are obviously enjoying the glorious golfing day.  They are having a blast!!😁

Have a wonderful Saturday!  Get outside and do something fun!


Day what? 5!

Whew!  Day 5 is donsky! 😁. Started it out with a quick yoga warm up and a 4+ mile run.  Tried out the new toe cushion.  I’m on the fence at this point.  I’ll keep it on while walking around to get used to it.  It did seem to help “crunchy toe” when I was doing that.  It does mess with running form which ended up my primary focus during the run.  Made the time go by quickly!

Then a quick Shakeology and off to work.   The day got a little crazy on me.  Was hoping for a half day but ended up working longer.  It was draining and I honestly debated doing my P90X3 Warrior workout.  Alas, I talked myself into it.  How you ask?  It’s cheat meal day for me and I told myself I only get to enjoy the Sofia’s flat bread mushroom/asparagus pizza and new white viognier from Aussie if I do my workout.  Whahahaha, apparently I’m as food motivated as The Mollinator.  Who would have thought?

So there you have it.  If you thought people who regularly workout and fit in fitness don’t struggle with motivation, you’re wrong.  We all struggle.  It’s finding whatever it takes to stay motivated.  Sometimes that may be a cheat meal, it could be an upcoming event, participating in one of my challenge groups, or simply remembering why you do it, why it’s important.  And any time you struggle, your motivation may come from a different source.


So, I hope your Friday was fabulous.  I’m decking it with my lass of white, knitting and The Mollinator while my pizza bakes.



Day 4

Day 4!  Workout today was The Challenge, a killer workout of push-ups and pull ups.  It’s definitely a love/hate relationship.  I hate pull ups, but its because I can’t do them.  It’s something I struggle with and always have.  Admittedly I do love Tony Horton’s workouts because they are the only ones that at least have gotten me to doing 1. I remember that day, it was glorious, alas I am starting again.



I was hoping for a bike ride this afternoon but my foot was killing me today.  And then, then the mail came!  After some googling along with blog and forum reading I’ve heard that sufferers from Morton’s neuroma have gotten relief using a toe cushion.


Tomorrow I have a run scheduled so I’m looking forward to giving it a go.  Fingers crossed for some relief.  Stay tuned!  On that note I am ready for a good book so I leave you with a beautiful evening photo of the eastern skies.