What’s up my knittaz?!

This post and pattern is all about that yarn that you purchased just because it was beautiful and funky and you needed it. Yes, needed, not wanted. Because when you are an avid knitter, crocheter, creator, you need to have that yarn. You stand in the store, holding it, squishing it, taking in all of the colors and dimensions of the fibers, pondering all the things you could make with such unique yarn, but not coming up with much because it’s so funky, yet you have to have it. Besides, it’s on sale!

But what to do with it?! This yarn has been sitting in my stash for about a year. I played with a couple of pattern ideas, and it just didn’t look right with a funky, multi-stranded yarn that has matte color, shimmery strands and black, superfine mohair. Then, one late evening, I’m sipping a glass of white on the couch with my cuddly cat, bopping around on Pinterest – checking out knitting stitches, nature photos and I see the pattern I want to create! I jump up to get my knitting needles, that yarn I had to have, and a notebook. The cat is furious but I’m oblivious because more important things are afoot. Besides, she’ll come back…..she always comes back 🙂

After much swatching I’ve got it. I’m so happy because the stitches bring out the funkiness of the fibers without losing the detail of the pattern. Wahoo!!!

This pattern is versatile (hence the name). It can be knit with nearly any yarn. I have knit it with Lang Celine: made with cotton, polyester, viscose, mohair and nylon (seen above); mystery wool (in the cover photo, I seriously have no idea what it is but I remember LOVING it), and Loops & Threads Colors (a “fuzzy”-mohair like acrylic). It’s quite lovely in all. The pattern works well with various colors: solid, variegated, multi-strand, and gradient yarn.

Because the pattern is so versatile, I am not including a gauge or specific directions for size. Rather, I will give you the pattern information, and let you run with it. I would recommend using a needle size up from what the yarn recommends.

I think this pattern is fitting for a light summer scarf or if knit it in a light yarn, would be lovely as a shawl for an evening out.

Let’s get knittin’!!!

Versatility Pattern
Skill level: beginner +

Finished Size: until you’re happy with it!

Gauge: really not important (woohoo!)

Scarf – Lang Celine, cotton/polyester/viscose/mohair/nylon blend, 140m
Cowl – mystery worsted weight wool, stash buster

Needles & Notions:
Size 8 (5.00mm) needle (I knit back and forth on circulars)

k – knit
sl – slip stitch
p – purl
psso – pass the slipped stitch over the k1
slwif – slip stitch with yarn in front
yo – yarn over
drop st – 3 wrap dropped stitch. If you’d prefer a shorter drop, wrap twice. If you are not familiar with the dropped stitch, click here: The Drop Stitch :: Knitting Stitch #14 :: New Stitch A Day

Rick Rib:
R1: k1, *yo, sl1, k1, psso*, k1
R2: p1, *yo, slwyif, p1, psso*, p1

Instructions (as written for the scarf, adjust as needed to suit your needs)
Cast on 34 using long tail method
R1 – 4: knit
R5: work drop stitch
R6 – 12: knit
R13 – 20: Repeat R1 and R2 of Rick Rib

Repeat R1 – R20 until you reach desired length.

Bind-off. If you’d like to wear it as a cowl, seam the cast-on and bind-off edges together.

That’s it! You can make this as wide or narrow as you like, just cast-on in multiples of 2. I hope you enjoy this pattern and please tag me if you knit it or comment below.

You may sell items made from this pattern, but please credit me as the original designer.  Also, please do not share the written pattern in print or electronically.  The photos belong to Rebecca Podgorski, and may not be used for product sales/product listings.

If you have any questions, please comment below. I may also be contacted on Ravelry: Username: rdpodgorski / Email: rdpodgorski@hotmail.com 

Cheers and Happy Knitting!

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