Already improving!

Holy balls I just finished Day 11!  So very happy!

So I have to admit, I’m the worst mid afternoon person eva.  I think I could get into the whole siesta thing. For real, get up early, get a bunch of shit done then take a post lunch naparoo, then get up and rock out again.

It’s terrible but my brain and energy fall to the depths around 1-2ish.  It’s worse if I get dehydrated or hangry so I do my best to avoid that.  I always carry water and Shakeology with a blender bottle with me.  Speaking of which, that’s what got me through today.  Before I knew it 1:00 rolled around and my patience level was in the danger zone.  I’m generally a happy, positive person so when I get that way I’m usually overly tired or hungry.  No, I’m not a toddler, just in tune to my needs 😜. Thank goodness for my emergency Shakeology!  Blended it up while driving and nobody faced the wrath of Becky, yahoo!

I was Uber unmotivated by the time I got back to my office.  Cue a quick pick me up!  The Mollinator and I did burpees, she was super excited afterwards.


After work I stumbled down to the home gym and hammered out P90X3 The Challenge!  Super stoked, already improving!  Upped my reps on the push-ups by 2 💪


Pull ups are still my nemesis, so I’m using an assist band.  I have been really working on nutrition and focusing on getting good protein and carbs in working 30minutes post workout.  I shit you not, I’m seeing a difference.  I have also been better about a preworkout snack, usually fruit.  Also helping!  So my advice, eat good food and time it well!  Keep a journal and pay attention, it works!

Time to make more food, coconut curry almond soup tonight.  First time making it (not my recipe).  Have a good one!



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