Day what? 5!

Whew! ¬†Day 5 is donsky! ūüėĀ. Started it out with a quick yoga warm up and a 4+ mile run. ¬†Tried out the new toe cushion. ¬†I’m on the fence at this point. ¬†I’ll keep it on while walking around to get used to it. ¬†It did seem to help “crunchy toe” when I was doing that. ¬†It does mess with running form which ended up my primary focus during the run. ¬†Made the time go by quickly!

Then a quick Shakeology and off to work. ¬† The day got a little crazy on me. ¬†Was hoping for a half day but ended up working longer. ¬†It was draining and I honestly debated doing my P90X3 Warrior workout. ¬†Alas, I talked myself into it. ¬†How you ask? ¬†It’s cheat meal day for me and I told myself I only get to enjoy the Sofia’s flat bread mushroom/asparagus pizza and new white viognier from Aussie if I do my workout. ¬†Whahahaha, apparently I’m as food motivated as The Mollinator. ¬†Who would have thought?

So there you have it. ¬†If you thought people who regularly workout and fit in fitness don’t struggle with motivation, you’re wrong. ¬†We all struggle. ¬†It’s finding whatever it takes to stay motivated. ¬†Sometimes that may be a cheat meal, it could be an upcoming event, participating in one of my challenge groups, or simply remembering why you do it, why it’s important. ¬†And any time you struggle, your motivation may come from a different source.


So, I hope your Friday was fabulous. ¬†I’m decking it with my lass of white, knitting and The Mollinator while my pizza bakes.




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