Day 4

Day 4!  Workout today was The Challenge, a killer workout of push-ups and pull ups.  It’s definitely a love/hate relationship.  I hate pull ups, but its because I can’t do them.  It’s something I struggle with and always have.  Admittedly I do love Tony Horton’s workouts because they are the only ones that at least have gotten me to doing 1. I remember that day, it was glorious, alas I am starting again.



I was hoping for a bike ride this afternoon but my foot was killing me today.  And then, then the mail came!  After some googling along with blog and forum reading I’ve heard that sufferers from Morton’s neuroma have gotten relief using a toe cushion.


Tomorrow I have a run scheduled so I’m looking forward to giving it a go.  Fingers crossed for some relief.  Stay tuned!  On that note I am ready for a good book so I leave you with a beautiful evening photo of the eastern skies.





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