Fueling for Day 3: Roast Asparagus & Tofu with Spicy Pesto Pasta

Day 3 of the P90X3 challenge.  Another nutty day but it’s okay!  It was nice to unexpectedly be home for lunch. That meant some kitchen creation time. Sometimes it’s stress relieving to put on some good music and cook over your lunch hour.

I meal planned on Monday so homemade pesto using my Spicy globe basil from the herb garden was on the menu.  Here ya go!


3/4 cup packed Spicy globe basil

1 Tbl roasted red pepper

1/4 cup cashews

2 garlic cloves

2 1/2 Tbl Extra Virgin Olive Oil

1 Tbl nutritional yeast

Dash sea salt



Place all ingredients are in a food processor and process until smooth.

Preheat oven to 400°F.  Press tofu, cut into cubes and bake on parchment paper for about 20 minutes until golden and puffy.  Toss about every 5 minutes.

I also roasted asparagus with the tofu. To prep: rinse and cut spears into 1-2″ pieces.  Toss the spears with 1tsp EVOO, 1 chopped shallot & sprinkle a little sea salt and black pepper.  Roast about 7 minutes.

I boiled some brown rice pasta I had in the pantry. It equaled about 1 cup total.

Toss the pasta with pesto to taste.  If you’re like me and have no control when it comes to pesto, I added about 1 heaping teaspoon per cup of pasta.


Sit down and enjoy!

This evening I finished the Day 3 workout, thankfully yoga 😊. I needed it. Chochi joined as she usually does during my yoga practice.  It’s usually cute but there have been times when she’s thrown a toy at my head or nibbled on my hair.


Time to relax…



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