Day 1

So excited!  Starting P90X3 again.  I made it through 2 rounds of hammer and chisel and being the person I am, got bored so it was time to change it up.  I love Tony Horton’s programs and P90X3 is my fave at this point, so I’m starting new.  This morning I recorded my pre-challenge measurements, took my photos, scheduled my week and meals. Finished day 1 workout, Total Synergistics and boy was it tough!   It occurred to me how important it is to change up your routine.  Everybody is different so I think some people can hang on longer than others before hitting a plateau but I don’t think I’m one of those people.

It felt so good to get a tough, effective workout done in 30 minutes, which is important to me because it’s summer and I still enjoy running, biking and swimming so I don’t want to kill 1hr+ inside working out.

So, I gotta say super pleased with the day and my post workout Shakeology and looking forward to Day 2!

Cheers! 💪



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