Form Focus

Back into training this morning after a couple of days recovery post Lake Mills Triathlon. It was a great race, some challenges along the way but in the end I hit a PR and that was my goal, yippee!  I’m pretty excited about my new program; I sat down last weekend and came up with a plan that incorporates Hammer and Chisel strength workouts and triathlon training from the great book I’m reading (The Women’s Guide to Triathlon).  I even got a new training binder 😀  Yes, the crazed organization and tracking habits are in full force!  The thing is, it’s effective.  Something I strive to get across in my challenge groups.  When the information is staring you in the face it’s easier to recognize if something is or isn’t working….and Why.

Being a bit naïve I dove into my new plan the day after the race, Monday.  That was a mistake, so I had to take the next couple of days off.  Always learning something new, next time I will plan a recovery week post race and THEN start new.  I just get so darn excited with momentum building up after an event that I want to start ASAP!  Needless to say, patience and planning is key so the last couple days was spent doing some foam rolling and today, an easy 3.4 miler with 3 x 1:00 AI at Z5 and recovery to Z2 with my heart rate monitor.  My primary focus is form.  I’m not a great runner, I still have a lot to learn to become more efficient which is why I read so much and more importantly, put it into practice.  Today the time flew by as I focused on form: am I looking straight ahead or down near my feet, are my abs in or loose and not supporting my low back, are my arms swinging from the shoulder front-back or across the body, am I striking the ground below my body or heel striking in front of the knee, am I breathing from my diaphragm & belly or upper chest.  To be honest, time flies when you’re focusing on all of that and it feels AMAZING when you get find where you need to be.  It’s like you’re gliding across the terrain, it’s wonderful!  I’ve really been trying to improve my mind-body workouts in more than just yoga practice.  I think it will help reduce the risk of injury.  That being said, still dealing with the neuroma.  Major bummer there, the toes go a bit numb during bike rides and it’s still finicky when I’m running 3+ miles.  Time to reconnect with the orthotics guy.

As it is, it’s also time to get back to work and finish my post workout meal 😉  Protein pumpkin shake, oh yeah.




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