First Brick Workout

Oh man, so stoked about my first actual brick workout.  I should back up.  I haven’t been sleeping for shit as of late, major bummer there.  But, this morning I woke by 6:30 and the sun was blasting through the trees which was a major upper because the weather has been so dreary this week, major downer.  I mean, c’mon, it’s snowing in April.  That’s a stretch for southern Wisconsin, northern, okay, but that’s why I don’t live there. 😛

So, I had my coffee and admittedly a couple uber dark chocolate truffles while reading.  Everybody has their vices, dark chocolate and great beer are mine.
I kept thinking to myself that I should workout but I just wasn’t ambitious, pretty fatigued, actually.  But, my heart kept saying “enjoy the sun while it’s here”.  After about 3 hours of procrastination in the means of coffee, errands and chores (oodles of laundry to be done before the hubby departs on an extended leave) I decided a brick workout is a good idea.

I hit the stationary focusing on hills and rocking SoCal music (one of my faves).  After 30 minutes of going, “should I run or shouldn’t I” I thought, hell yes I’m going to run!!


Off I went, rocking out to my fave playlist (which is one of the reasons I run).  Just did a 3 miler and felt like a rockstar.  To some, that’s not impressive, however my f’ing mortons neuroma was killing me and it was freezing cold but the legs felt great and I needed to start training my muscles to make the transition from biking to running for my upcoming sprint Tri in June.  I also had my usual epiphany: Today was “it’s so freakin’ cold that I can’t feel parts jiggle so f’ it” which made me giggle as I saw some people stare when they passed by and some try to avoid staring at the runner.


The lake was beautiful, windy but beautiful.  The waterfowl were skimming the surface, I checked the shallows looking for spawing fish, no go.  I honestly can’t wait to get the kayak and my fishing pole out.  I’m such a whore for fishing, it’s not funny.  I love the feeling of the big hit and pulling in something that feels like a monster but when you get it to the boat or shore, it’s this tiny perch that felt like a beast that day 🙂

In any case, finished the workout with an amaze balls shake: chocolate caramel coffee.  Helloooo! Delish 😀


So, despite the struggles, fatigue, laziness, I got out there and enjoyed the day.  I have to admit, this blog is late.  I ended the day with 2 pints at Tyranena Brewing with the hubby before he leaves tomorrow.  We met a delightful couple from the Stoughton area.  Love meeting peeps and getting their opinion of beer and life at the pub.

For now I bid you adieu and hope that your Saturday was amazing.







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