Mindful Spring Cleaning

What a lovely morning!  First day of spring and the sun was shining 🙂  Doesn’t get much better than that!  Admittedly I was in need of a very big coffee this morning; up too late last night after the Ice Hogs hockey game (which was a blast, too bad they lost in OT).  I don’t remember the last time rolled out of bed at 7:30, whaaa?  It was weird and to be honest I didn’t like it.  I felt like I had pissed away a couple of hours of my day, but I have been exhausted all week and needed some extra zzzz’s.  Sometimes it’s more important to listen to your body than push through something.

Needless to say, after cup of coffee and chia pudding I was ready to roll!  I was super stoked for a Sunday Funday run.  I knew I couldn’t do more than 4 because the neuroma has been worse but I definitely needed some fresh air and clearing of the mind.

As I was trudging along, cursing the neuroma I began spring cleaning my mind.  I needed to reestablish my goals, needs and action plan for 2016.  I realized that I wasn’t accomplishing everything I wanted to.  So, I began establishing what I did want.  I definitely want to continue ridding my mind of negative thoughts.  Doing pretty well in this department, though I’m still guilty of negativity at times when I’m uber frustrated.  Unfortunately I catch it after the fact and feel like an ass, since that’s generally not who I am.  My word for 2016 is Awareness, and I’m constantly working on that.

With each step I sifted through my thoughts: how pretty this little black and white duck was that I couldn’t identify, how calming song birds are in the morning, how much I appreciated the smell of a fresh spring morning, then Boom! I admitted to myself that I am feeling overwhelmed due to all of the stuff I want to accomplish as an AHI and fitness coach in the coming months.  Being overwhelmed is unacceptable in my world because I’m a firm believer in you are what you make for yourself.  As an adult it is my responsibility to make my own choices and letting myself feel overwhelmed is not an acceptable response to my life.  So, time to revisit my goals which are thankfully posted on my dreamboard in my office :), reassess and adapt my plan of action.  I know that those items on my dreamboard are important to me (duh, they’re on a “dreamboard”). As I was sorting through recent days and events I came to the conclusion that I am not accomplishing what I should be because I have forgotten the main staple for action…choosing only 2 tasks for each goal to do each day AND prioritizing which ones MUST be done first.  I totally believe that ANYTHING is possible in this life if you want it and you’re willing to work for it.  I’ve also found the more you work towards something with a positive attitude, the more opportunity comes your way to get yourself closer towards your goals.  As I approached my turnaround point on the bridge over the south end of Rock Lake, I felt rejuvenated and thankful for my Sunday Funday run….it was time to head back and make positive steps forward.


To post run happiness 🙂





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