Hello all,
Here I am, continuing to do research on Morton’s Neuroma because I seriously can’t stand having crunchy toe while I walk, workout, go down stairs, etc.  I also have another week to go before I see the doc again.  In the meantime I thought it would be beneficial to upgrade my workout shoes.  Before my issue, I enjoyed cross training in barefoot-style shoes (like Merrell’s).  After nearly an hour I discovered that New Balance shoes are supposed to support the foot in the metatarsal region to help reduce symptoms.  It was a well spent hour, in addition to meal planning (YAY), investigating new blogs and recipes (double YAY) and checking in with my Challengers (mega YAY!) who are rockin’ it by-the-way. 😀

So, Sunday I set off on an adventure before dreaded chores, why not go shopping for shoes (duh) before having to do boatloads of laundry and clean the house.  I discovered and tried on a few pairs of New Balance shoes, one of which allowed me to walk without any crunching….HAPPY DAY!  and they were on sale…extra happy dance! 🙂  and that was the highlight of the adventure…grocery shopping doesn’t count.  Especially when it’s packed and for some reason people lose complete respect for others at the grocery store.  They act as though they are the only ones on earth…hmm.

The new shoes are MUCH better.  However, still having some issues when flexing the toes in a lunge, but I can hop around a bit more which makes for a very happy Becky.


I was able to do Hammer Power (totally kicked my ass) with minimal pain.  Post workout was extra exciting because I made a brand spanky new recipe of Shakeology, inspired by Tony Horton.  It’s a Caramel Mocha Latte and it was Amazing!  That, some ice on the foot and a crochet project on my lap kicked off a much needed relaxing afternoon.


And not to keep you hanging, here’s the recipe:

Caramel Mocha Shakeo (I cut back on almond milk to stick to my carb needs)
1/2 scoop chocolate vegan Shakeo
1/2 scoop NEW café latte Shakeo
1/2 cup Unsweetened Vanilla Almond Milk
1/2-1tsp caramel extract
12oz water

Blend well and enjoy!  It’s a coffee you can feel good about, you’re getting mega nutrition.  Honestly, I’ve been drinking it for a few days now and it has helped curb my coffee cravings.  Yes, I cut back to decaf (mostly) but it’s still much healthier to have a nutrient dense meal than an espresso with steamed almond milk 😉



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