Morton’s Neuroma…I think

Well, it’s been a long time since I’ve had what I have termed “crunchy toe”.  It’s that crunchy feeling when you walk or squat like your 4th metatarsal is broken or dislocated.  It wasn’t until last fall that things got worse and I finally broke down to see a Dr.  I might be a little stubborn 😉  I was midway through an 8 mile run when my left foot felt broken, much worse than crunchy toe.  So, off to the doc I went.  After a bri3f exam and xray i was told nothing is broken, rest and see how it goes…after a month of no progress off I went to an ortho doc.  She has decided I probably have Morton’s neuroma.  An unpleasant issue that typically affects the 3rd and 4th metatarsal.  Symptoms can include pain and tingling, check and check.  Doesn’t address the crunchiness but I’m wondering if that isn’t tendonitis that’s causing the neuroma.  A cortisone shot and metatarsal pad later, still have crunchy toe.  Grr, injuries can be frustrating especially when you’re not sure it’s diagnosed properly or you’re not getting better.  For now, before my next appt it’s icing, massaging and NSAIDS so that I can continue my health and fitness journey.


I am committed to progressing every day.  It’s something I talk a lot about during my health and fitness challenges. I take it seriously; I work on improving in all aspects of my life. Sure we all have setbacks and obstacles  but learning from them is key.  I guess I’m in need of learning to be more patient; that’s what crunchy toe is teaching me.

So, cheers to modified workouts, igiving it 100%, icing and healthy foods!


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