You Know You Have A Problem When

I haven’t been able to admit fully to my husband that I have a knitting/crochet problem, though he has been kind enough to tell me that it is a problem.  Luckily I know that he’s joking.  I know he is genuinely concerned when I’m frantically knitting at 4:30 in the morning on New Years day to finish a project but that’s just called completing a task on time 😉  The potential of a problem may also be apparent by my interior decorating.  I purchase cute bins that match the decor to store my various ongoing projects, it’s cute right?


Or perhaps I have a Healthy problem.  I have found a way to work projects while exercising!  I envy those who can knit and run.  That just spells disaster for me.


I’ve learned that I can’t seem to go without 4 projects lately.  I had finally finished the scarf, 2 blankets and bundle of tulle scrubbies/knit wash clothes for the holiday gifts.  Now I’m onto a baby blanket, rug, hat and another blanket.


I like to think it’s a good problem. I have learned how to create my own patterns (yes, they’re basic but you have to start somewhere), tackle new projects that require me learn new skills (thank goodness for google, YouTube and great friends who also have a problem) and I just can’t seem to just Sit and watch TV without something productive to do.  I can’t help but feel like I’m wasting time.  So, this afternoon after taking care of house chores, working out and checking in with my challengers I find myself starting the newest project, the rug.  So far so good!  It will be for my twin brother.  I love working projects for my brothers, I honestly feel they are my biggest fans.  One of my bros actually texted me at 12:30 am when he couldn’t sleep because he forgot his Green Bay Packer blanket at my house (mind you this is because all other blankets are consumed by the dog and his wife).  So, it’s motivating to know my hard work is appreciated and fuels my “problem”.  I only hope that others find a problem of their own.

Here’s to acknowledging and accepting that I have too many hobbies 😄



4 thoughts on “You Know You Have A Problem When

  1. Hehe, at least you don’t just buy a bunch of yarn and stuff and then do nothing with it – you are actually making things!! I used to have a real problem with the hobby of blogging (I’m much more balanced now); I would try to exercise and blog. Stupid and probably not good for my eyes! lol


    1. I have talked myself out of buying yarn Numerous times, telling myself to only buy of its forecasted for a project 😉 I am so guilty of posting on my health and fitness page on FB on the stationary. I have workout “epiphanies” and don’t want to lose them. I’ve gotten better about keeping a pen and paper nearby.
      What do you like to do for exercise?

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      1. I have been enjoying pilates lately, but when not pregnant I really like power walking and aerobics. 🙂 I’m 18 weeks along with baby #4 right now and exercise isn’t exactly forefront on my mind because normal walking causes contractions! lol


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