Tomato-Artichoke Pizza

OMG!  First of all, so excited that the Muppets are BACK!  So, I was in a hurry to whip up a healthy dinner since I was staining the deck and realized it was 6:40!  I rummaged through my pantry/fridge and found just the thing for Muppet night…pizza!  Who doesn’t like pizza?  I have been trying to steer clear since frozen pizza has been upsetting my stomach, even some of the “healthier” options.  No time like the present to try something new.

Fast Tomato-Artichoke Pizza:

1 Wheat flatbread (I used Kangaroo brand)
~1/2Tbl pesto
2 chopped artichoke halves (I had a jar of marinated artichokes in my pantry)
handful of halved organic cherry tomatoes
~1Tbl nutritional yeast
I threw the pizza in the toaster oven on 425 for about 10 minutes, until the crust was crusty.  It was ready just in time for the show!  I’m very happy with the turnout, the nutritional yeast was just enough cheesy flavor and the tomatoes were slightly roasted but still juicy without making the crust gooey.  I’m ready for the Muppets!



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