Antioxidant post workout breakfast

It’s a cool and refreshing morning so after kicking my own tushy with the Decelerator workout (P90X3) I needed something packed with nutrition to help my muscles recover.  I hear berries, kale, cocoa are all great.  I picked up some organic baby kale and organic strawberries from the market the other day and rather than putting it in a salad, added it to my daily dose of dense nutrition…Shakeology 😉

I added 1 cup organic baby kale
1 cup organic strawberries
12 oz filtered water
1 scoop chocolate vegan shakeology.

I know some people may be thinking…kale and chocolate..Eew.  Do not scoff until you try it, honestly I enjoy kale.  I like the taste, texture and the nutrition it gives me, however I can’t taste it in my shake.  For some that’s a blessing, for me that’s a bummer.  Needless to say The Mollinator and I enjoyed a quick breakfast on the patio.



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